February Calendar For A Cause- American Heart Association


February is all about the heart!  Believe it or not, we’re not talking about Valentine’s Day this time.  We chose to support American Heart Association during the month of February for our Calendar for a Cause.  The American Heart Association was established in 1924 by six cardiologists.  Originating in New York City, the headquarters moved to Dallas in 1975 so they could be more centrally located.  It is the nation’s largest and oldest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke.  Worldwide, heart disease has become the No. 1 killer.  American Heart Association has 146 local offices and more than 3,400 employees nationwide. 

The association has big goals of improving cardiovascular health and reducing deaths from cardiovascular diseases both by 20 percent by year 2020.  American Heart Association leads the nation in CPR education and training.  Over $4 billion has been invested in research and 13 Nobel Prize winners have come from those funds.  The artificial heart valve, heart transplantation, CPR techniques and cholesterol-lowering drugs are just a few of the many advances they have made over the years.

To help this well established organization during February, we are highlighting the importance of regular check-ups and ways to help your cardiovascular health. We will inform people of congenital heart defects with their National Heart Defect Week running February 7th-14th.   Facts and information about the organization will be highlighted every Friday, with more specific information about congenital heart defects highlighted each day of the week during the nationally recognized heart defect week.  As a company, we also signed up for their Heart Walk which will be in April.

We are very excited to help support our American Heart Association local chapter.  The information will help educate the public as provide a resource to turn to if questions arise in the future about anything heart related!