Hogan's Helping Hands-Jeans for Teens Charity Bowl




Hogan’s Helping Hands was honored to support a new charity venture, Jeans for Teens, founded by Gerrie Moore and her group at Keller Williams. Gerrie’s goal is to raise money to buy jeans for students, as she knows there’s a large number of teenagers in the Tri-Lakes area who are in need of clothing, especially in the cold winter weather. Trying to be as beneficial as possible, she chose jeans because they’re one of the few pieces of clothing that are okay to wear multiple times without being washed. This brings up a second a second issue; teens not only go without adequate clothing, but they also don't have a way to wash what they do have. Jeans help solve both of these struggles.

The kickoff fundraising event was a Charity Bowl on January 21st. We had the opportunity to sponsor alongside Prime Lending, and the Gerrie Moore Group. This allowed guests to bowl for free, and then all donations went directly to the charity fund.

An added bonus to this event was the venue! Johnny Morris’ Big Cedar Lodge just opened Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl and Grill at Fun Mountain, and the Gerrie Moore Group took full advantage of this new Branson attraction. You walk inside the bowling alley and feel as if you just dove underwater. The ceiling is filled with sea creatures; the lighting is dimmed and glows with a blue hue, and even the bowling ball return machines look like real animals. Most importantly among the staged sea life, were many lively and generous guests who came and competed in a fun night of bowling and helped raise funds for such a great  cause!

Be looking for more Jeans for Teens fundraising events in the future! If you like to know more about Jeans for Teens and how you can help, check out the Gerrie Moore Group Keller Williams Realty Tri-Lakes Facebook page.

Emily Laurie