On Stage and In the Closing Room

IMAGE Provided by stayinbranson.com

IMAGE Provided by stayinbranson.com

When you think of Branson and entertainment, what comes to mind? Maybe it's The Haygoods, The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai or Dolly Parton's Stampede? Turns out, there’s quite a connection between Branson entertainers and real estate agents!  We got the scoop on three men in particular who have excelled in both performing and real estate.

Cole Currier, Foggy River


Cole has 12 years of real estate experience and is just as experienced when it comes to being on stage. Singing in four shows over 15 years, Cole found a lot of fun in performing for others after moving to Branson from Oklahoma as a sophomore in high school. While still performing, Cole became a realtor just as a “fun-side hustle” but decided he wanted to fully commit.

“I quickly realized you can’t be an effective agent as a part-timer,” Cole said. “Once I graduated from college, I knew I wanted to go all-in!”

And that is just what he did. Cole is one of the top agents in the Tri-Lakes area and can still relate back to what he learned while performing.

“Show business in Branson is unique in that more than just being a singer on stage, our job was to connect with and build relationships with our audience,” Cole said. “In real estate, building relationships is key!”

While he feels he had his fair share of fun in shows, Cole joked, “It would be nice to get a standing ovation after a successful closing.”

However, in regards to our question about singing on the spot, Cole said, “I won’t do it!!”

Learn more about Cole by checking out his website: http://bransonhousehunter.com/

 Alex Webster,GerkEn & Associates


Alex has quite the experience across the world with his performances. He has been a Realtor for two years, but has spent four times that amount in the show business. Alex is originally from England, and both his love for shows and passion for real estate began in his early years.

“I loved going to see shows with my mom and dad, and I fell in love with performing and theater,” Alex said. Since finding a passion for the stage, he’s performed in five different shows, including touring the world with the 12 Irish Tenors.

With his father selling real estate in England, Europe, and America, he’s also grown up in a realtor’s world.

“I have always had a passion for property and helping people, and the real estate profession brings those things together in the best way,” Alex says. “Being able to communicate and let your clients know you’re putting your heart into what you’re doing for them allows trust for the Realtor, just like putting everything into a performance for the audience.”

While no longer performing, Alex is already having plenty of success as a Realtor®, and won “Rookie of the Year" for 2017.

“I truly have found a career that excites and challenges me as much as performing.”
We asked Alex if a client asked him to sing on the spot, what song would he choose?: “Either a Frank Sinatra song ( love singing swing music), or my old audition go-to, ‘Oh What a Night’ from Jersey Boys the musical.”

Learn more about Alex by checking out his website: http://gerkenandassociates.com/agent/alexwebster/


Travis Spratt, Good Life Realty

Travis knows how to put on a show and sell a house, all at the same time. Travis has been juggling shows and real estate for almost two years.

Travis began his career onstage when he was just 7 or 8 years old performing with his family in Hannibal, MO at The Spratt Family Jubilee. He bonded with his family as they would sing gospel music together. In 2010, he moved to Osage Beach, MO to join the cast of Main Street Music Hall, where he spent 5 seasons. In 2014, he married his wife, Audrey, and moved to Branson to join Pierce Arrow, where he is still performing.

In April 2016, Travis joined his wife, Audrey, in the world of real estate. What he intended to be extra income during the Branson off-season, quickly became year-round work. His schedule normally consists of 400-450 shows annually, yet he pours his heart into both his shows and real estate as he is driven off his passion for people.

“As a Realtor, and as a performer, I feel it’s my responsibility to serve the people, whether I’m guiding them through a home purchase, or singing to them at a show,” Travis says. “They deserve and expect excellence, professionalism, and kindness in both jobs. That’s what I strive for.”
If a client were to request Travis to sing on the spot he said, “It’s a tough one! As a lover of all different styles of music, it’s very difficult to choose one, but if I had to, I would probably choose “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables.”

Learn more about Travis by checking out his website: https://www.goodlifebranson.com/agents/78559-Travis-Spratt/

Emily Laurie