The Houses We Grew Up In with Anthony Tolliver

“Springfield Is Home For Me. Every Time I Come Home I Stay In My Childhood Home, In My Own Bed. It Was A Great Place To Grow Up.” —Anthony Tolliver, 10-Year NBA Veteran

Springfield is a special place to us and we know many others as well. So, we decided to partner with Murney Associates, Realtors® and seek out individuals who are from the Queen city and bring them back to their childhood homes. With a title search and a phone call, we were able to connect with 10-year NBA Veteran, Anthony Tolliver.

Tolliver operates the Anthony Tolliver Basketball Camp every year at the Courts in Springfield, so naturally he was home during the time of the interview this summer during his off-season. The current owner of Tolliver’s childhood home is his sister, who has kept his room just as it was back in his Kickapoo days. Tolliver told us about his memories of the home, especially ones involving his mother. She passed away in 2008 after his NBA career had just begun. He revisited memories of his mother and how he arrived at the name of his building development company, Say You Can LLC.

Tolliver says that Springfield was a great place to grow up. He remembered playing basketball with friends in his driveway and the events leading up to his making an NBA team. Tolliver was a part of the Kickapoo Class 5 State Champion team in 2003 and went on to play at Creighton University where he was class president of the student body.  He loves that Springfield has developed a lot since his high school days and said that Springfield is just right amount of big city and small town. Many of his friends still live in Springfield and share business interests with Tolliver.

You can check out more about Anthony’s apparel company, Active Faith right here! Be sure to check out the Detroit Pistons this year as well! 417 has your back!


We’d like to thank the Tolliver family for sharing their memories with us and for being a great example of what makes our city great!

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Josh Stewart