November Calendar For A Cause- Habitat for Humanity


Hogan Land Title Company Announced as 2017 Helping Hands Honoree Award Winner!

Habitat for Humanity is an incredible organization in which we all should be involved with, whether it be donating time to help build homes for those in need, raising money for the organization or taking advantage of the great deals available to all on materials at the Habitat for Humanity- ReStore, there is a place for everyone to help!   Here at Hogan Land Title Company we are proud to close on all of the Habitat for Humanity build projects.  Our closer, Holly Foss works closely with the new home owner, making sure they fully understand their home buying process from a title standpoint.

This year, Hogan Land Title Company was announced as a 2017 Helping Hands Honoree for our title insurance services to Habitat for Humanity.  Eight of our employees were invited to a lunch at Ocean Zen where we dined on delicious food while a presentation was delivered to the attending audience.  This presentation included a new homeowner telling her story about how she never thought she would be considered to receive a home from Habitat, but when she did her life changed.  She went on to tell the detailed process she went through before receiving the news that she was selected for a home, as well as everything else she had to do from that point until the day she received the keys to her new home. With a table of eight present for the event, we cheered on fellow local business owners in winning awards from Habitat for Humanity for their services or time given to the organization.  We want to thank Habitat for Humanity for recognizing us, but more importantly thank them for everything they are doing for those in need of homes in our local community.

Josh Stewart