April 2017- Boys & Girls Club “Steak & Steak”



Dinner with your favorite NFL team’s quarterback?  Yes, please!

The Boys and Girls Club of Springfield helps kids and teens in more ways than the average person might know.  The mission of the club is as follows, “The Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield provide programs that guide and direct youth from all backgrounds, particularly those from at-risk environments. Through social, physical, and educational development activities, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield teach youth the values of life, strengthen their self-esteem, and make them better citizens of our community.”

The Boys and Girls Club of Springfield holds an annual “Steak & Steak” Dinner and Charity Auction to help raise money for our local club.  The event is well known within the Springfield community, being held at the University Plaza Convention Center and having over 21 years of experience under their belt.  The dinner and charity auction help to fill a gap between money taken in by membership dues and what is actually spent on club programs for at-risk youth.  With over 2,500 active club members, many in the Springfield area rely on the club as a source of stability within their lives.  The dinner is one of the largest fundraising events the Boys & Girls Club holds every year.

Who wouldn’t want to dine with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith?  Especially after helping over 23 formerly foster children graduate from college through just one program in his foundation, the Alex Smith Foundation.  The quarterback started this foundation in 2007 which helps foster teens find jobs, homes, education and mentoring programs.  We love giving to this organization every year!  For 2017 we donated a gift basket to the silent auction held at the event as well as promoted the event on our social media pages.  It is an honor to help out our local Boys and Girls Club and children right here in the Springfield area.

Josh Stewart