March Calendar For A Cause- Paisley Collins Memorial Foundation

paisley logo.jpg

The Paisley Collins Memorial Foundation was created in 2016 by Tyson and Sarah Collins.  This foundation helps families with children that have been diagnosed with cancer and have expenses beyond their ability to pay.  This foundation is very dear to Tyson’s and Sarah’s hearts as it is named after their daughter, Paisley Collins.  Paisley at just 17 months old was diagnosed with Mixed Lineage Leukemia (MLL).  This is a rare form of Leukemia in which part of chromosome 11 is broken off and attaches itself to another chromosome. 

Sarah and Paisley were rushed to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN where Paisley beat cancer in 5 weeks opposed to the projected 8 months.  However, she came down with an infection one month before coming home.  She was on life support for 2 months and then passed away in August of 2016. 

This foundation supports children and families in Greene, Webster, Wright, Howell and Texas counties here in Missouri; however it is not limited to just those few.  As a family receiving assistance from the foundation, they can receive up to $500 per year. 

We are honored to help this foundation this year by sponsoring a table at the First Annual Paisley Collins Memorial Ball.  The event will be on March 24th in Springfield at the Hilton Garden Inn with all proceeds going towards the foundation.  The event is sure to be a hit as it has been sold out for about a month already.  It will include a buffet dinner, live and silent auction and music performed by Mark Chapman Band.  We are also excited to help raise awareness throughout our social media sites, Facebook and Instagram.  We hope that families in the area that are in need of assistance know there is a foundation dedicated to helping them.  We also hope to spread the word about the foundation so hopefully more people will contribute to the foundation and the people needing assistance right here in our community. 

Thank you Tyson and Sarah Collins and everyone else involved with this amazing organization, you are doing great things!

Emily Laurie